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Therapeutic Massage Chicago | What To Expect from Massage| Chicago, IL Therapeutic Massage Chicago

What to expect?

People seek out therapeutic massage for different reasons.

If this is your first time getting a massage, it is important for you to be able to relax and understand that you are working with a trained professional who will help create a safe, protected environment for you so as to allow you to relax and be able to gain the greatest possible benefits from your therapeutic massage treatment.

At the beginning of your first massage therapy treatment you will be asked to fill out a brief health history in order for you to provide your massage therapist insight and an ability to fully understand any medical conditions, past injuries, surgeries or other specifics issues. This form will also include a request to provide a list of all medicines you are taking as well as a list of any allergies.

It is important to list any health concerns and medications so the therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs.
The massage therapist typically uses massage oil or cream. You should be sure to let the therapist know if there are any issues or sensitivities so that they may use a different oil or lotion during the therapy session.

In advance of your massage, you will also be asked to address any issues or problems areas on which you would like work.

During the massage, the therapist will ask you if the pressure is appropriate and determine if you would like a lighter or deeper touch.

What should I wear?

Typically during a full body massage, people get completely undressed. We appreciate that this may not be comfortable for everyone. You should plan to undress to the level you are most comfortable.

Will I be covered?

We ensure you will always be covered with a sheet or towel which is a process known as draping. Once you are undressed and on the table under the drape, the therapist will only uncover the part of your body being worked on. Regardless of clothing or undergarments, please know during the massage process you will never be exposed.

What happens during the Therapeutic Massage treatment?

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, s/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable.

Many people close their eyes to relax during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

How long is a Therapeutic Massage treatment?

A typical full-body out-call massage treatment lasts 90 minutes which allows for work on the head, neck, back & shoulders, legs & feet, and arms & hands. Many people prefer a massage that is longer than 90-minutes for optimal relaxation. It is possible to have up to 180 minutes or as short as a 60 minute session.

How often should I have a Therapeutic Massage treatment?

The frequency of therapeutic massage treatments depends on individual needs, goals, and objectives for seeking massage therapy. For some once a month is an appropriate frequency. For others, a weekly treatment is just right, while others prefer multiple treatments a week. The frequency of massage treatments should be discussed with your massage therapist after your treatment when they can assess your particular concerns and issues.

Is silence golden?

Massage induces a state of relaxation, some people prefer complete peace & quiet during their massage session while others are invigorated and have excess energy and thoughts that would like to share with the therapist.

The Therapeutic Massage therapist will take their cue from the client and respond accordingly to questions, engage in dialogue, or respect the need for silence. Each Therapeutics Massage therapist come equipped with a broad range of music to suit every type of interest.

What happens after my Therapeutic Massage treatment?

We hope you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your Therapeutic Massage. Some people will feel a significant decrease in aches and pain. If you receive a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day – similar to a hard workout.

Often it helps to soak in a hot shower or tub to ease any soreness. It is critical to drink plenty of water after your massage in order to detox the body and re-hydrate.

When should I not get a massage?

If you have certain health conditions, it is prudent to seek physician’s approval before getting a massage. Those include but are not limited to those who are pregnant, have heart conditions or other serious medical conditions.

Therapeutic Massage Service Area

Serving downtown Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Cancellation Policy

Four hours notice is required to change or cancel a confirmed appointment. Appointments starting before noon must be changed or cancelled by 9:00PM the prior evening. Failure to provide the required notice will result in being charged for the full service.

Get started on a path to improved health and rejuvenation. Call or email Therapeutic Massage today to book your treatment!